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Glad Lash Certified Trainer

LASHtastic Individual Eyelash Extension Certification

Duration: 8 Hour/1 Day $600 (Hands On Live Model Needed) 

16 Hour/2 Day Course $1100~(Hands On Live Model Needed)  

 SundayMonday & Tuesday classes

This course is designed for students interested in individual eyelash extension certification by learning the fundamentals of precision classic eyelash extension application techniques taught by a Licensed and Certified Professional Esthetician. Completion of this course will provide you with the certification, education, and practical application needed to begin your career as a Lash Artist!!

The “Lashtastic Intro Course” will establish a foundation for success during the eyelash extension certification course by covering topics on: Philosophical beliefs ~Eyelid Disorders ~Natural Lashes Cycle~Types of Lash Extension~Selecting Lash Extension~Adhesives~Station Set-up~Application Process~Aftercare and Maintenance~Customer Service-client safety/Waiver and Liability~Eyelash Extension Removal~Introduction to Eyelash Application Kit~Marketing your business~Continuous trainer support.

Classes are affordable with installment payment options and personalized to provide you with the confidence needed to establish and grow your business We believe that the Lashtastic eyelash extension certification course will provide a strong foundation to make you a successful lash artist. Our training will also teach you how to manage and grow your client base and increase your service offerings. Exceptional customer service, Quality of work and Retention are the keys to success. After competition of our eyelash extension certification course you will have the tools, and education you need to start taking lash clients and growing your business in this HOT eyelash extension industry to ensure you are ahead of the game. GET GLAD LASH CERTIFIED by registering below and submitting your deposit today!

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