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I’ve heard The Skinny Confidential say that facials are not a luxury they are a necessity. Let’s be honest though, it is a luxury for most people, including myself. Not everyone has the time or extra cash for regular facial treatments. Yet a regular skincare regime is important nonetheless. After years of treating it poorly, I have been investing in my skin lately and have thankfully seen real results. Any type of treatment from Natural Esthetics would make a great gift to your skin this year! Read the entire blog @


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eyelashextensionsI’m not sure if you have heard, but eyelash extensions are all the rage these days. After seeing a few of my friends with the most gorgeous eyelashes, I knew it was time to jump on board.

I’m sure you have worn false lashes a time or two in your life for a fancy occasion, or maybe even your wedding. Eyelash extensions are way different than those annoying strip lashes that always seem to come off at the worst times. I remember panicking through parts of my wedding ceremony thinking my veil had pulled them off as I was walking down the aisle (thankfully I was in the clear).

There are lots of options when it comes to getting eyelash extensions, but I would suggest going with someone you know. My girl Amanda at Natural Esthetics in Cary (if you are in the area, I highly recommend going to her) was the only person I trusted to do mine for the first time. I have been blown away by her skill and expertise when it comes to my skin, so why not have her do my lashes?

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Summer Ready with Natural Esthetics

Mollys Musings Summer ReadyI knew I wanted to have some serious pampering done in preparation for my big trip and I knew that Natural Esthetics would be the perfect place to go. For all of my NC girls living in the triangle, Natural Esthetics is conveniently located in downtown Cary and offers a variety of incredible services. Amanda, the owner, has over 15+ years of experience in the industry and is an expert when it comes to skincare. I loved having my facial done by someone who gave me so much insight into an area that I know little about. Not only was the facial the most relaxing thing I have ever done, but I learned a lot about my skin type during those 50 minutes. I had originally thought that I had very dry acne prone skin and we had decided to go a specific route with my facial. It wasn’t until Amanda placed a hot towel on my face that we discovered I actually do have dry skin, but it is also very reactive. We ended up going with the Natural moisture facial and I can honestly say that my skin has never felt so soft. Over the next few months, Amanda and I will be working together to create a regimen that is tailored specifically to me, so that I can share my experience with you guys.

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